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Want to buy a powerful laser pointer? In green, red or violet!

With more than 10 years of experience in the sale of laser pointers, we can give you excellent advice. Are you bothered by birds or do you want a laser pointer to scare away geese? Then go for a professional laserpointer. If you give presentations on an LCD or LED display, always go for a green or red laser pointer because they are more visible then for example, a violet laserpointer . We supply all our laser pointers with free batteries and/or a DUO charger so that you can use the laser pointer immediately. Shipping is completely free from £50 on all ACE Lasers products within the United Kingdom.

  • Customer service
    Excellent business support via the ticket system with knowledge of laser pointing matters. A response back within 24 hours. Contact us and experience it for yourself.
  • Free Shipping
    All orders fit through the letterbox, so you don't have to stay at home. You will automatically receive a track and trace code in the mail after payment.
  • Strongest laser pointers
    Of all laser pointers shops we have the strongest laser pointers, watch our demo videos on YouTube and see for yourself.

How does a laser pointer work?

The abbreviation LASER stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". That is exactly what a laser does. Spontaneous emission takes place in the heart of a laser, in the so-called laser medium (which can be a specific gas, but also materials such as ruby).

The resulting photons move further through the medium, and each time a photon hits an atom with an excited electron, a new photon is emitted. Thus, the light is amplified. But now a nice trick is applied: on both sides of the medium there is a mirror, so that the light continues to run back and forth through the medium, and is thus further amplified. One of these two mirrors is semi-transparent, meaning that half of the light passes through it and the rest is reflected. This is how the light comes out and you see a laser beam.

Popular Strong Laser Pointers and General Laser Pointers Information

The most famous laser pointers are 303 laser pointer, 301 laser pointer, wicked lasers and of course the Ace Lasers which contain the strongest diodes from various tests. Online you often see terms such as 5mW green laserpointer or 100mW laserpointer, this is the power of the laserpointer expressed in milliwatts. For example, a 10000mW laserpointer is many times stronger than a 5mW laserpointer. In addition to the power, a laser pointer has another important property, namely the wavelength, which can consist of 532Nm (green), 630nM (red) and 405nM (purple).

All ACE Lasers are at least 5mW and maximum 500mW strong and available in the above wavelengths. Laser pointer questions? Feel free to ask them via the contact form.

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