Frequently Asked Questions

Are ACE Lasers really the strongest laserpointers?

They sure are. We have done many tests with our Powerbee output meter and ACE Lasers outperform other model lasers like 303 laser and 301 laser and even Wicked lasers.

Which laser pointer is the strongest?

Green laser pointers are a lot more visible than red and violet laser pointers, because the human eye can see green better than red and violet. So if you are looking for a strong laser pointer, we recommend that you take a look at the professional green laser pointers or the smaller green laser pointers. The VEX-1000 is a violet laserpointer which is even stronger than the green variants, but this is due to the high power and not because of the wavelength.

How long will it take to receive my order?

In most cases your order will be shipped within 24 hours and delivered within 24/72hours:

  • - All orders fit through the letterbox
  • - Shipping with track and trace
  • - Free shipping
Which laser pointer do you recommend to scare away geese?

There are 2 laser pointers which we always recommend for chasing gulls, geese and other birds:

Is a volume discount possible?

Yes, volume discount for large orders of the same product is possible from 50 units.

Can I also pick up the product?

Unfortunately this is not possible, we are only a webshop.

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