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ACE Lasers® White Pet Laser Red Dot

ACE Lasers® - Pet Laser Light WHITE with Red Dot | Suitable for for Cats and dogs

ACE Lasers® Laser light especially for pets such as cats and dogs!

When you think of a laser light, you may not immediately think of pets, but this white laser pointer with red light is especially for pets. Of course your dog or cat will not go for a walk with the laser pointer, but this laser light is intended to entertain your pets. And not only your pets, but of course yourself too. This laser light has a nice characteristic look, something your dog or cat will recognize in no time.

Playing with pets

Pets love to play, especially dogs and cats. Although dogs naturally play more and more often with their owners than cats, the laser pointer is fun for both types of pets. You can make them run by making them catch the red laser, but that's impossible! The red laser beam of the laser light is impossible to catch. And we, as owners of both the laser pointer and the pet, find that all too amusing! A fun pastime and way to burn off some of your pet's energy.

Fun for young and old

Not only pets love the laser light, it is a nice device for young and old. Children love to play and often even crazier for the dog or cat. A combination of the two is a logical choice and if the children and pets are happy, then so are the elderly, right? This red laser light especially for pets is therefore also special for us, because we enjoy it at least as much as the pets. And that is a priceless feature of this super fun laser light.

More Information
Colour Red
Output power 5mW
Wavelength 605nM
Visibility range 500M
Laserpointer class 3B
Dimensions 10x4x1CM
Including batteries Yes
Brand ACE Lasers®
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